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As an eligible voter in the upcoming NLRB election, you have the freedom of choice; to choose freely whether or not you wish to be exclusively represented by RWU for the purpose of collective bargaining. A “NO” Vote means "I believe it is in my best interests to retain my union-free privileges and I wish to preserve my open, direct relationship with my leadership and Via 313, as my employer."



NO! I DO NOT wish to give my exclusive, personal negotiating rights to the RWU. I wish to speak freely with my employer and retain an open dialogue pertaining to my wages, hours and work conditions. I want to participate openly and directly with leadership in decisions that impact my job and career mobility.

NO! I DO NOT wish to be subject to paying unnecessary RWU dues, fines, fees or assessment. I wish to keep my hard-earned money and invest it as I find fit, with a true return on my investment. I desire NOT to finance “union business” for things that I do not support like their political agendas or organizing other employers.

NO! I DO NOT wish to be subject to self-fulfilling union rules or regulations, which can force me to a union trial where the judge and jury are all members of the RWU, and where they can discipline me if I am found in violation of the RWU rules for things such as crossing the picket line or not paying dues.

NO! I DO NOT wish to be subject to restrictions of a union contract. I wish to move freely within my company and take complete advantage of my wage and career progression opportunities. I wish to have my individual, personal efforts and merits rewarded and recognized with freedom to work at other Via 313 locations.

NO! I DO NOT want the RWU. I recognize the true value of my relationship with my management team where we mutually reap from common success. I recognize, Job Security comes from mutual appreciation of job and customer expectations and meeting those expectations to the best of our ability.

NO! I DO NOT wish to be part of the minority. I wish to be part of the majority and stand with the 94% of all workers in private business (US), and the great majority of Via 313 team members, who understand the value of remaining union free. I stand with the Via 313 Mission, to build a winning culture.  I stand with my employer, Via 313, my fellow team members at my store, my peers in Austin TX and elsewhere.  I VOTE NO!


A YES Vote means "I believe it’s in my best interests to give my legal rights to a union and allow this unknown third party, with their own motivation and interests, the legal rights to exclusively negotiate my wages, hours and work conditions."

YES I want the RWU to be my Exclusive Representative; to be the only one who has the legal authority to negotiate my wages, hours and work conditions with my employer.

YES I agree, I will not have the ability to speak directly with my employer relative to my wages, hours and work conditions, either by myself, a group of peers, or with another labor union. 

YES I wish to be subject to the potential obligation of following the union’s rules and regulations, including the fact that the RWU can hold me accountable in a union trial if I fail to remain a union member in good standing.

YES I wish to be subject to potentially paying unnecessary union membership dues, assessments and initiation fees. I understand, Texas is a Right to Work state, and even though I am not wish to participate in union membership or contributions, I want to join and agree to pay as described by the RWU Constitution regardless if I am represented under a Collective Bargaining Agreement. I understand, the RWU will expect compensation for their services and does not appreciate “Free Loaders”.

YES I understand that by being represented by the RWU “does not imply the right to a better deal” (ref. NLRB Decision, Tomco Communications) and that “collective bargaining is potentially hazardous for employees, and as a result of negotiations, employees could wind up with less benefits after unionization than before.” (ref. NLRB Decision, Coach & Equipment).

YES I agree to be subject to potential work stoppages, strikes, and lock outs. I understand, as an economic striker my compensation will cease the moment I walk out. Although I cannot be terminated for participating in a strike, I am willing to be legally permanently replaced and placed on a rehire list once an equivalent opportunity is available only if I unconditionally return to work.

YES I stand with this unknown union, RWU, a union with NO previous petitions or election experience, NO previous experience in Collective Bargaining, NO track record of experience or success as a union at all. I agree to stand with the union with an uncertain future and placing my current and future wages, hours and work condition in jeopardy and at risk.  I VOTE YES!

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