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Via 313 Pizzeria
Labor & Employee Relations Philosophy

Genuine through and through

WE ARE Via 313

A people seen and respected for their individuality, distinctive personalities, unique talents and drive to succeed.

Working in concert as a team toward mutual long-term happiness and success.


Via 313 Pizzeria - Employee Relations Philosophy

At Via 313, we believe the individual relationship between associates and leadership provides the best climate for maximum development, teamwork, collaboration, and the attainment of individual goals and those of the company.

Via 313 is proud of the fact that we provide associates with fair treatment, flexible work schedules, personal respect, comfortable work environment, competitive wages, and an excellent benefits package. 


Via 313 knows that associates may want to express their concerns, suggestions, and comments to us so that we can know and understand each other better. You have that opportunity here. It is done on a more personal basis, without a third-party interrupting the relationship between associates and management. You can and should speak for yourselves. We will listen.


Via 313 firmly believes that a union would not be advantageous for our associates, our customers, our communities, or the economic growth on which we all depend. Via 313 sincerely believes that a third-party influence could seriously impair the relationship between associates and management. We ask that you carefully consider the many benefits of your job that are yours without the need to pay union dues and risk the loss of your pay through strikes, work stoppages, fines, and other costs of union membership.

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