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The NLRB has provided the following instructions for eligible voters to process their NLRB Mail-In Ballot by United States Mail (USPS).
  • Once you receive your ballot kit, pull everything out and lay it flat so you can inspect each piece.

  • Make sure to process your ballot in SECRET.

  • Within your kit, you should receive your ballot, a copy of your NLRA rights, your Mail Ballot Instruction Sheet, a BLUE Secret Ballot Envelope, and a YELLOW self-addressed, postage paid Return Envelope.

  • Read the Instruction Sheet in its entirety.

  • Find your ballot, Mark your ballot in secret by placing an X in the appropriate box.

  • DO NOT SIGN or WHITE YOUR NAME or include other markings that would reveal your identity.

  • If you submit a ballot with markings inside, or anywhere around, more than one (1) square, YOUR BALLOT WILL NOT BE COUNTED. 

  • You may request a new ballot by calling the NLRB Regional Office. CLICK HERE for further instructions.

  • It is important to maintain the secrecy of your ballot. DO NOT show your ballot to anyone after you have marked it.

  • DO NOT allow anyone to assist you in processing or mailing your ballot.

  • Put your ballot in the BLUE ENVELOPE and Seal the Envelope.

  • Put the BLUE ENVELOPE containing your secret Ballot into the YELLOW RETURN ENVELOPE.

  • SIGN the back of the YELLOW RETURN ENVELOPE in the space provided on the back. (the square).

  • The YELLOW RETURN ENVELOPE MUST BE SIGNED in order to be counted.

  • DO NOT permit any party, Via 313 management, the RWU (the union), or RWU organizers / supporters, or an employee-petitioner - to handle, collect, or mail your ballot.

  • Mail your ballot IMMEDIATELY. No postage is necessary.

  • For further assistance or information, call NLRB Regional Office at 817-978-2921.

  • Ballots MUST BE RECEIVED in NLRB Dallas TX office prior to the ballot count at 1:00pm on Thursday, Oct 27, 2022.

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