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The following employees of the Employer constitute a voting group appropriate for the purposes of collective bargaining within the meaning of Section 9(b) of the Act:

INCLUDED: All full-time and regular part-time Cashiers, Hosts, Hostesses, Servers, Server Assistants, Bartenders, Cooks, Doughs, and Dishwashers.

EXCLUDED: All General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Assistant Managers, Kitchen Managers, MIT Managers in Training, Training Managers, BOH Trainees, FOH Trainees, BOH Trainers, FOH Trainers, Corporate Trainers, Guards, and Supervisors as defined by the Act.

OTHERS PERMITTED TO VOTE: At this time, no decision has been made regarding whether employees classified as BOH Shift Managers and FOH Shift Managers are included in, or excluded from, the bargaining unit. Individuals in this classification may vote in the election but their ballots shall be challenged since their eligibility has not been determined. The eligibility or inclusion of these individuals will be resolved, if necessary, following the election. 

ELIGIBILITY DATE: Eligible to vote are those in the unit who were employed during the payroll period ending September 6, 2022, including employees who did not work during that period because they were ill, on vacation, or temporarily laid off. In a mail ballot election, employees are eligible to vote if they are in the unit on both the payroll period ending date and on the date they mail in their ballots to the Board’s designated office.

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