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Federal law states, "To ensure that employees can freely choose their own representatives for the purpose of collective bargaining, or choose not to be represented, the law establishes a procedure by which they can exercise their choice at a secret-ballot election conducted by the NLRB.

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The Ballot seems simple enough. It only has one (1) question for you to answer. This election is not for a result, but rather to initiate another process, or NOT. It will determine if you, and your peers, will be exclusively represented by the RWU for the purpose of collective bargaining. To understand Collective Bargaining, review our detailed page on the subject.

Do you wish to be represented for the purposes of collective bargaining by the Restaurant Workers United?

To cast your ballot without incident, remember the following:

  • MARK an "X" in the square of your choice.

  • DO NOT SIGN OR WRITE YOUR NAME or include other markings that would reveal your identity.

  • If you make markings inside, or anywhere around, more than one square, you may request a new ballot by referring to the Ballot Instruction Sheet you received from the NLRB.

  • If you submit a ballot with markings inside, or anywhere around, more than one square, your ballot will not be counted.

It is imperative for employees to thoroughly understand the question being asked of them.

  • Of the 34,000 labor unions in the US, are you sure you want to be associated with the RWU? A union with no previous experience no previous success of wining elections, no previous success of negotiating a single contract for an employee.

  • Do you thoroughly understand the complex process of Collective Bargaining?

  • Do you "wish" or prefer to stay union-free protecting your open and direct relationship with your employer?


Voting YES means you are prepared to give up your legal rights to the RWU who will attempt to negotiate your wages, hours, and work conditions, you choose to obey by sworn oath the regulations and restrictions by being a union member, you choose to potentially pay the union as a member (Dues, Initiation Fees, Fines, Special Assessments). you agree to accept the potential consequences of a work stoppage where you cannot collect unemployment, your pay and benefits stop immediately, and you could be permanently replaced.

Voting NO means you choose to protect your individual freedom to speak freely with your employer, be individually recognized for your own self-worth and effort, you choose NOT to pay the union as a member, you choose NOT to restricted to union rules and obligations. you choose NOT to endure the uncertainty of negotiations, you choose NOT to face the consequences of a work stoppage,



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